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Modernize Your Apprenticeships

CLICK360 - Apprenticeships

Modernize Your Apprenticeships
Click360 is the easiest way to track your Apprenticeship program's compliance and performance with one simple click.
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Why Click360?

Explore 100s of approved Work Processes with ease.

Click360 is 7x faster with automated and digitized RAPIDS work processes for all apprenticeship model types: Time-based, Hybrid, & Competency Based

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Real Time Tracking & Reporting

Apprentices track hours for approval to mentors in a matter of seconds on their phone.

Sponsors quickly track and assess apprentices with data and feedback from any device, anywhere with 24/7 access.


Scale your Apprenticeship Program

Increase your number of apprentices without adding to your workload. You can now set-up a new apprentice in less than 5 minutes.
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OJT and RTI Customization

Easily create customizable RTI and competencies to adapt to the ever changing landscape of your workforce strategy.

Apprenticeship Made Easy

- Automated Reporting for Required Audits and Compilance

- Customized Digital Work Process

- Simple OJT Time Tracking

- Total Apprenticeship Performance Management

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KCTCS Click360 Case Study

Madisonville Community College wanted to increase their apprenticeship program capacity while maintaining compliance with all government regulations.
They needed a way to improve efficiency from the coordinators without burdening the apprentice or employer with bloated software.




The Apprenticeship Coordinator used to spend over 39 hours every month manually tracking OJT in spreadsheets.
Now all of that has been automated with Click360 and she got about a week of time back per month.