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  • How Click360 Works

How long does it take to set up?

Click360 was built with ease of use and setup in mind. If you have a good handle on your organizational reporting structure, know how you like to see data, and have access to all of your employee data, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to get everything ready to roll. If you don’t have any of those, you should account any extra time that might entail.

Do you integrate with other systems?

At Ulimi, we don’t want you to HAVE to change what systems you are currently using. Instead, we prefer to create an experience that brings all of your individual systems together to make the most comprehensive user experience. We are capable of integrating with most management systems and would love to discuss the specifics of how that would work with you.

What systems is the app available on?

Click360 works without an app. That means that any device with a browser can use the system successfully.

How many users can the system handle?

The number of users Click360 can handle is unlimited. The system is built for the most complex business use cases.

What industries does this make the most sense for?

Manufacturing, light industrial, staffing, franchies, sales, and design/dev shops have been the primary verticals that we have seen Click360 benefit. However, any organization of any size will find value with the software.

What modules are included in the software?

For the free level: Coaching, Competencies, Goals, and Recognition. Paid: Free level modules plus action request, task, incident, improvement idea, performance audit.

What is a FBM?

Four Box Model refers to the graphic illustration of the relationship between goals and competencies for an organization. Each employee’s performance in goals and competencies will put them in to one of the four quadrants on the graph. The employees in the top right box have displayed top notch performance in both while the bottom left box shows the employees who have underperformed in competencies and goals.

What is a Comp Model/Performance Model?

A competency model is intended to give the organization quantitative data on how an employee represents a particular value i.e. Integrity, customer service, etc. In Click360, the competency model has 2 or more statements that will be scored by the employee’s manager on a numerical scale along with the option to leave comments. A Performance Model is used to visually and numerically represent the marriage between goals and competencies.

What is Performance Management?

Performance Management is no longer an annual check in. Get real time feedback between all levels of the organization.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Click360 works with all major credit cards, ACH, paypal (enterprise can be billed according to your org).