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Employee Performance Evaluation Software


Action Request

Traditional Approach:
  • - Traditionally if a manager needs an employee to complete a task or get something done, they have to either speak with them in person or send them an email which can take time and often fails to be tracked and followed through on.
  • - Traditionally, top down only.

Our Click360 Game Changer: 
  • - Everyone, regardless of position can generate an Action Request in Real Time to solve important problems 
  • - Category owners ensure that the Action Request get proper attention.
  • - Increases productivity
  • - Centralized depository for all Action Requests.
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Traditional View:
  • - Coaching has generally fallen upon the manager to initiate. Most often , coaching has been used to deal with problems prior to initiating discipline and is seldom used to strategically improve skill sets.

Our Click360 Game Changer: 
  • - Allows any individual to request a coaching session. All coaching sessions follow the same process to ensure organizational consistency.
  • - For an employee to improve, develop or take on more responsibility, they need regular feedback on how they are doing. In addition, when they are performing well, their efforts should be acknowledged and supported.
  • - Coaching involves two key Leader activities:
    • 1. Providing constructive feedback to change or improve performance.
    • 2. Recognizing and encouraging excellence.

  • - Leaders in the 90th percentile for coaching effectiveness had employee commitment scores in the 88th percentile.
  • - More than 60% of employees who report to managers who are not good coaches are thinking about quitting, versus 22% who report to the best. Source

Competency Management

Competencies are defined as the knowledge and behaviors that are instrumental in the delivery of desired results. They are behaviors that support the attainment of organizational objectives.
Traditional View:
  • - Managers evaluate subordinates with little to no input from other sources.
  • - The view of performance is only top down.

Our Click360 Game Changer: 
  • - Competencies are evaluated by managers, peers, subordinates, and those who can provide clear insights on behaviors. You get a true 360 degree view of your organization health
  • - Click360 allows the creation and assignment of competencies in minutes, not hours
  • - Select from “best in class” templates or build from scratch.
  • - Allows organizations to tie competencies to their values statement, which clearly links organizational beliefs to individual behaviors.

  • - Roughly 31% of organizations have yet to define the essential leadership competencies required for their leaders to achieve their business goals
  • - 89% of best-in-class organizations had core competencies defined for all their roles, compared to a mere 48% of all other companies.
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Goal Management

Setting performance goals and monitoring progress toward those goals or them communicates your organization’s priorities. Clear performance goals focus your workforce on the strategic priorities and enlists allies who share those goals.
Traditional View:
  • - Managers set goals at the beginning of the year and then wait until the end of the year to assess progress against those goals.

Our Click360 Game Changer: 
  • - Allows organizations to continually monitoring progress on the key goals, whether department or individual goals, in order to get desired outcomes.
  • - Managers can monitor all downstream goal activity in real time.
  • - Collect data by day, week, month, quarter, or year

  • - 36% of organizations have a standard, enterprise-wide approach to goal-setting.
  • - 66.67% to three-quarters of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies; to start working towards achieving high-level goals.Source

Improvement Ideas

Traditional Approach:
  • - In most organizations soliciting improvement ideas from employees is an ad hoc process at best.
  • - If employees do provide improvement ideas, they seldom get status updates of their ideas.

Our Click360 Game Changer:
  • - Every employee can submit an improvement Idea.
  • - All ideas are categorized and sent to Category Owners.
  • - Employees can see the status of their ideas 24/7.
  • - Ideas can be rewarded with a Recognition event.

  • - Audi saved $40 million (€33 million) in its Győr and Brussels plants after implementing more than 10,100 employee suggestions in Source
  • - Only 38% of working men and women feel their managers are very willing to listen to new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Source
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Incident Report

Traditional Approach:
  • - Traditionally, incident reports can get wrapped up in manual workflows, spreadsheets, inaccuracies, and lack of data. Without a consistent and easy way to report incidents, a company can be left with more questions than answers.

Our Click360 Game Changer:
  • - Submit anonymously, anytime.
  • - Assign follow-up action.
  • - Track, sort, and analyze data

  • - As much as 69% of injuries and illnesses may never make it into the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII), the nation’s annual workplace safety and health “report card” generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).Source

Performance Audits (Routine Checklist)

Performance audits are done to assess whether the entity is achieving economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the employment of available resources.
Traditional Approach:
  • - Traditionally, performance audits have been done with some form of manual system with little ability to produce a document showing audit completion, let alone a listing of deficiencies.

Our Click360 Game Changer: 
  • - Quickly develop customized audit checklists to demonstrate that a task was done.
  • - Checklists can be used for anything from Lockout Tagout, on-boarding, to bathroom cleaning.
  • - If your organization requires objective evidence that a task was complete and by whom, this is your tool.

  • - When checklists have been implemented for use by surgical teams, deaths dropped 40% Source
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Traditional Approach:
  • - Generally, only managers are tasked with recognizing employees.
  • - Recognition is sporadic at best. Few employees know who was recognized or why.

Our Click360 Game Changer:
  • - All employees can submit a recognition request , at any time.
  • - Recognition is instantly visible to every peer and to the Category Owner.
  • - Recognition is scored on a Wow Factor - from 1 star to 5 stars.

  • - 96% of employees said that receiving feedback and recognition regularly is a good thing.
  • - Teams led by managers who focus on their weaknesses are 26% less likely to be engaged.
  • - 68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs.Source

Task Management

Traditional Approach:
  • - Task management is a way of describing how you identify, monitor and progress the work that you need to do during the day. Traditionally, task management is done by managers checking in on employees to see if they have completed their tasks.

Click360 Game Changer: 
  • - Group tasks by category for unlimited insights.

  • - Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects
  • - 44% of project managers do not use project management software, even though Price Waterhouse Coopers concluded that using PM software increases performance.Source
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Click360’s merit plan set-up module allows organizations to create different merit plans for different groups within the organization. Your organization can choose to have an 8% merit increase budget for engineers and sales employees and a 4% merit increase for all other employee groups. This would ensure that if you had to loose an employee it would be unlikely to be in the Engineering or Sales groups.